Enhance, refine and realign your Shutdowns and Turnarounds strategy to deliver operational efficiencies

The economic outlook remains challenging, and the ability to plan and implement efficient, safe and cost-effective shutdowns and turnarounds has rarely been as integral to your operational effectiveness as it is now

Qualified Shutdowns and Turnarounds managers will always be a scarce commodity, so ensuring the right knowledge and experience is transferred and shared is key to delivering long-term operational excellence. In addition, new software and other technologies continue to enhance the planning and implementation process, whilst also delivering value-add opportunities.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover the essentials of decisive systematic planing of turnarounds

  • Learn how to manage critical circumstances during on-site turnaround management

  • Discuss how to avoid unnecessary maintenance

  • Contemplate best practices in managing contractors and suppliers

  • Explore the digital benefits of Industry 4.0

  • Avoid Apitfalls in decision-making and understand the legal side of shutdowns and planning